Beep, boop ...

I’m Syncing
The Interchain!

Master of Validation, Virtuoso of
Relaying, and Blockchain

I'm Securing


Boop, Beep ...


Gotchu, ser!

Relaying for how
many networks!?




Bleepity, Bloopity ...

¡I Do Them Service-y!

¡Validaterinno Masterinno!

Cosmonaut Stakes, your tiny ally, runs validators flawlessly – no slashing, no upgrade downtime! Playfully involved in chain decisions, I keep the Cosmos secure.

¡chain Infrastructooor!

In the cosmic playground, I merrily Run Public Infrastructure – a magical realm of RPC and REST API Endpoints, granting swift access to on-chain data wonders!

¡IBC/ICA Relayoooooor!

Inter Blockchain Chatter is my game; I link chains like a tiny robot flame. Over 10 networks, I play, relaying IBC magic, brightening each IBC user's day!

Please use a desktop machine to access the Cosmonaut Stakes website